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Bumpass Hell Trail to be Closed October 16th

Bumpass Hell Trail to be Closed October 16th

October 6, 2017 by: Sharon Roberts


Two Weekends Only to Hike Bumpass Hell Boardwalk in Lassen Volcanic National Park


Starting October 16, 2017 the largest geo-thermal area west of Yellowstone will closed to hikers.  If this hike has been on your bucket list and you do not want to wait for the major trail rehabilitation project to be completed come hike it now.  It is expected to take a couple of years to complete this project.


Bumpass Hell Trail is one of the iconic trails in Lassen Volcanic National Park, due to the short trail and outstanding and diverse hydrothermal features.  The Bumpass Hell Trail will remain closed during the 2018 summer season from the main trailhead.  Visitors will be able to access the area surrounding the basin from Kings Creek area, passing by Cold Boiling Lake and an uphill climb to the Bumpass Hell area.

Other geo-thermal areas in the park include Sulphur Works, Devil's Kitchen, Boiling Springs Lake and Terminal Geyser.  Sulphur Works is along the main park road.  Devil's Kitchen, Boiling Springs Lake and Terminal Geyser are all in the SE corner of the park near Drakesbad.

 This multi-year project will address issues with the boardwalks and other issues to rehabilitate the trail and retain, replace or remove the boardwalk. Viewpoints in several areas will be enhanced and safety and maintenance concerns addressed. 

 October is a great time to enjoy the opportunities to explore unique volcanic landscapes, enjoy scenic vistas, and take in Lassen’s beauty. Many hiking trails remain accessible and snow-free. The park staff invites you to come take a hike in the park and enjoy the fall colors both in the park and surrounding area.

The Lassen National Park Highway is currently open to traffic and will remain open, weather permitting.


Lassen Volcanic National Park is transitioning into winter season and getting ready for snow to blanket the park. Soon you will be able to explore an entirely different side of Lassen through winter activities like snowshoeing, skiing, and sledding. The winter issue of the park newspaper, Peak Experiences will soon be available at the park, surrounding businesses, and on the park website.

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