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Backcountry Camping Lassen Park

Backcountry Camping Lassen Park

May 1, 2017 by: Sharon Roberts

New! Bear Canister Bear Advisory

Lassen Park has seen an increase in negative interactions between bears and humans in the last couple of years. New regulations have been put in place for overnight backcountry users.  Bear canisters are now required to store food and scented items for all backcountry camping. Bear canisters are not required December 1 through April 15.

Food, toiletries, utensils, cookware, and other food-scented items must be stored in an NPS approved canister when not in use or unattended.
NPS approved bear resistant food storage containers include: Backpacker Model 812; * BearVault 110b, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, * 450, * 500; Bearikade Weekender MKII and Bearikade Expedition (1766 and higher); The Bear Keg; The Bare Boxer Contender (101) and Champ (202); and Lighter 1 Big Daddy and Little Sami. *

Bear canisters are available for rent or purchase at the Lassen Association bookstore at both the Loomis Museum at the north entrance or the Kohm Yah-mah-nee visitor center at the SW entrance.  Canister's rent for $10 for 7 days with a $95 deposit.

How to obtain wilderness camping permit

If you are planning to explore the backcountry in Lassen Park a permit is required. Wilderness permits can be obtained via e-mail.  Send completed application to  In subject line of e-mail enter "Wilderness Permit Application". Download application.

 Permits may be filled out in person at; Loomis Museum, Kohm Yah-mah-nee visitor center, Butte Lake, Juniper Lake and Warner Valley. Download an application ahead of time to make sure you have complete contact information.

Please note the following areas are closed to camping:

To ensure the enjoyment of all visitors, protect fragile resources, and ensure visitor safety, some areas of the park are closed to camping. Download camping restrictions map (pdf, 166KB).
Camping is prohibited:

Within 1/2 mile of any developed area or park road open to vehicular traffic, except in designated campgrounds.
Within 1/4 mile of any hydrothermal feature.
Within 1/4 mile in all directions of the following features:
Bumpass Hell Trailhead to Bumpass Hell
Kings Creek Falls
Cascade Springs
Kings Creek Meadow - Upper & Lower
Cinder Cone/Painted Dunes Cliff Lake
Lassen Peak and Trail
Crags Lake
Little Willow Lake
Crumbaugh Lake
Mt. Harkness
Echo Lake
Shadow Lake
Hat Creek Cabin
Summit Trail from Summit Lake to Echo Lake

Additional information for backcountry camping in Lassen Park.  Map with restricted areas. 


Basic Backpacking Checklist 

If you are new to backpacking use a checklist to make sure you are completely prepared for your adventure.

Things to consider when hiking or camping in bear country

 Make sure you are aware of some basic tips on how to behave if you encounter a bear along the trail hiking and how to set up camp.

Keep your distance at least 100 yards, do not approach any closer to a bear.  Do not run from a bear, move away slowly and sideways.

More details on how to behave in bear country.

Basic Bear Safety Bulletin


 Make St. Bernard Lodge Base Camp

St. Bernard Lodge is conveniently located to most of Lassen Park.  Stay at the lodge day before heading out on your backcountry adventure.  By staying at the lodge you will get a full breakfast and an early start.

 If traveling with a group call us about our group rates.  Please feel free to call the lodge if you need any additional local information.  We can be reached at 530-258-3382




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